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It’s Not Your Money!

This website, “”, is created by your local taxpayer of Sudbury.
We will touch on everything from overspending, pot holes, red tape, building control, zoning, user fees, bylaws and more.

Fiscal Accountability

This website and podcast (to come) is a platform or a conduit for the local taxpayers and business owners that are looking to voice their opinions and create solutions against the overspending, the red tape, and the lack of transparency.

Challenges We Face

Taxpayer money must be spent responsibly and not in any way wasted by the city.

Image of potholes

Roads & Repair

Roads and Repair is a location for the tax payers of The Greater City of Sudbury to send their pictures and address or location we’re the work is required. Roads and Repair is the platform for the experts who are knowledgeable in road repair and to give solutions on how to fix and pay for repairs of our roads.

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Building Control

Building controls must be brought in line with the standards that are put in place.

Image depicting zoning sign in front of house under construction


Zoning and re-zoning must be done properly.

Image of potholes

User Fees

User fees should be justified and realistic.

Yellow piggy bank and calculator


Bylaws should be clear and concise to all areas in which they apply.

Yellow piggy bank and calculator


Overspending is a constant challenge. The city must be accountable for this in all areas

Tax stamp with red ink


Discussing Taxes, Mill-rates and more.

Image of downtown Sudbury


Issues concerning our downtown and surrounding.

Empty government conference room.

The Councilor Corner

The Councillor Corner is a platform for existing and future councillors and mayor’s to express there views of the present and the future of “The City of Greater Sudbury”